About Shiona

Photo for fanpageIt is the unique combination of real life practical experience, academic rigour and a deep intuitive connection with her own heart that makes Shiona such an inspirational and gifted coach, teacher and trainer.

Life (and her heart) have taken Shiona in many different directions, all integral in helping her create outstanding results for her clients.

Her willingness to be real and vulnerable gives the clients she supports, permission to search deep within their own soul for ‘the key’ that will bring them the most meaning and fulfilment. Her joyful and sensitive energy fused with her quest for excellence optimise her attitude to life!

As a coach, Shiona helps gifted and creative individuals find the courage to express their unique voice in the world AND make a difference doing what they were born to do.

Gifted individuals have a unique and beautiful view of the world. This is often unappreciated by schools, society and even their own families.   This can leave them feeling different and invisible in the crowd. Unfortunately some feel ashamed of who they are and ‘shut’ down their talents.

As an educator Shiona has over 20 years experience as a music and drama teacher. She currently is the Course Chair of the Diploma of Education Studies at Victoria University.  Shiona holds a Master in Education (Gifted Education) from the Australia Catholic University (ACU) and is currently undertaking a PhD at Victoria University.

Shiona is deeply committed to supporting pre-service teachers to bring more creativity to the classroom and ensure the intellectual, social and emotional needs of students are addressed in the classroom. Real change can happen when individuals are supported in schools and society.

Shiona’s mission is to bring purpose, creativity and service to education.

Shiona is a Certified Coach with The True Purpose TM Institute (USA), founded by Tim Kelley. She is proud to be the first Australian to be granted this honour. Shiona is a Master Archetypal Coach with Pip McKay. She holds a Diploma of Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute, is an accredited Matrix Therapist and Voice Dialogue Facilitator. 

Shiona’s eclectic and intuitive coaching style magically weaves many modalities including practical organisational skills, interpreting your astrological natal chart or supporting your body and emotions with essential oils.

Shiona is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts with a Graduate Diploma of Arts Management.This gives her an insider’s view of the challenges faced by leaders of Arts and other Not For Profit and Service Companies.  Sound financial, marketing and management skills maximise success in this industry.

She has worked with organisations such as

  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Melbourne Theatre Company
  • Arena Theatre Company
  • Karden Disability Support Foundation (KDSF)
  • Australian Multiple Birth Foundation (AMBA)
  • The Coaching Institute
  • Fernwood Fitness

Shiona balances her rich professional life with her gorgeous family, Ally (17), Carah  (15) and Terry, the most supportive husband in the world! They love the performing arts and escaping in their camper trailer to enjoy the wonders of nature.

After being a saxophone major for most of her life, Shiona’s instrument of choice is now her own voice! Taking every opportunity to perform and express herself as an artist, remains a true joy in her life!