What do you plan to do with your precious life?

This year our family is planning a move from Ballarat to Melbourne.  Deciding where to live, schools for the girls, is just the beginning. 1bf78293ee5d44dd9ec3f51d00984699 Ask 10 people their favourite suburb and they all have a different answer. Venture online to property and school websites and drowning in an avalanche of information is guaranteed.

While this information is useful. In the end we have to listen to our own hearts and decide what is important to us, take into account our personal situation and visit places to get a ‘feel’ for them. We have to trust ourselves, be true to our life vision and be willing to take the action to make it happen. This is a big thing!

  • What if we get it wrong?
  • What if people judge us for the decisions we are making?
  • What if we go broke in the process?

Isn’t that true for every dream we follow? Isn’t that true for your dreams? You need quiet and time to figure out what you really want. You need to detach from the noise of  other people’s opinions or the internet and get to the heart of what is important to you. These are my heartfelt words to you…

1. What are your deepest desires for the year to come? Sit quietly, journal, draw, give it the time and space it deserves.  When that little (or loud) voice of fear raises its objections (as it will), thank it quietly for it’s concern and connect back with what you yearn for most. ​ What do you want most? Leave the HOW for now, simply give yourself permission to dream.

2. Listen to your body Health goals are a major part of many New Years resolutions.  Information overload is rampant here too! When you tune into your inner voice you begin to hear what your body needs. This includes the food you eat, exercise and time for rest. You body is a powerful guide. It will let you know when you are doing things that make your heart sing (and when you are not!) Consult health experts by all means, above all your own body is the no. 1 expert in your life.

3. Relationships People matter. Choose to surround yourself with people who support your dreams and value your uniqueness. Nurture these relationships and give them the attention they deserve. Hint: It is ok to spend less time with people who don’t fit the description above. Action is necessary!

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

You life is precious, you dreams are precious and you are precious. Keep action creative, flexible, joyful.  Your new creation is a reflection of your deepest desires and greatest contribution. Nourish yourself and nourish your dreams. You are valuable beyond words.

I would love to hear about your goals and dreams for the year to come. Send me an email and I promise to send you some personal words of support. ​

Much love, Shiona