What do you plan to do with your precious life?

This year our family is planning a move from Ballarat to Melbourne.  Deciding where to live, schools for the girls, is just the beginning. 1bf78293ee5d44dd9ec3f51d00984699 Ask 10 people their favourite suburb and they all have a different answer. Venture online to property and school websites and drowning in an avalanche of information is guaranteed.

While this information is useful. In the end we have to listen to our own hearts and decide what is important to us, take into account our personal situation and visit places to get a ‘feel’ for them. We have to trust ourselves, be true to our life vision and be willing to take the action to make it happen. Continue reading

Insatiable Hunger… Becoming a Detective!

In my words, I USED to play the piano. Last Friday I felt like playing for a little while. ThatPiano music playing pianist musician. little while turned into a marathon!

After two hours my fingers remembered, the notes returned. By the third hour, there were glimpses of music!  I HAD to play, my soul was famished! No meals were prepared, no work was done, my family was left to fend for themselves.  Apparently listening to my playing is a ‘beautiful’ way to drift off to sleep!

At 10.15 pm, I stopped as abruptly as I had begun. I was full, my hunger satisfied!  I wished my husband goodnight and fell into a deep sleep.

I had remembered that I am a musician!  Continue reading