Fostering Creativity

It is a gorgeous Saturday morning, perfect writing time while my youngest struts her stuff Carah at Nicaat NICA – The National Institute of Circus Arts. Every Saturday we make a pilgrimage from Ballarat to Prahran.

As a music teacher, coach and mum of creative, sensitive, gifted individuals I have come to the conclusion that most traditional schools can’t provide what creative young people need. Rather than lament the reality, I prefer to embrace the opportunities this provides.

We can all notice the ‘spark’ in our children and provide them with the environment they need to thrive. It is worth the effort

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Great Thinking Takes Time!

At a recent professional development session on curriculum differentiation the facilitator left and right hemispheresshared this quote that really resonated with me…

Great Thinking Takes Time!

How often in the classroom do we give students time to contemplate their answers or develop ideas in creative and unexpected directions?

How often do we give ourselves this time?

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Insatiable Hunger… Becoming a Detective!

In my words, I USED to play the piano. Last Friday I felt like playing for a little while. ThatPiano music playing pianist musician. little while turned into a marathon!

After two hours my fingers remembered, the notes returned. By the third hour, there were glimpses of music!  I HAD to play, my soul was famished! No meals were prepared, no work was done, my family was left to fend for themselves.  Apparently listening to my playing is a ‘beautiful’ way to drift off to sleep!

At 10.15 pm, I stopped as abruptly as I had begun. I was full, my hunger satisfied!  I wished my husband goodnight and fell into a deep sleep.

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