Fostering Creativity

It is a gorgeous Saturday morning, perfect writing time while my youngest struts her stuff Carah at Nicaat NICA – The National Institute of Circus Arts. Every Saturday we make a pilgrimage from Ballarat to Prahran.

As a music teacher, coach and mum of creative, sensitive, gifted individuals I have come to the conclusion that most traditional schools can’t provide what creative young people need. Rather than lament the reality, I prefer to embrace the opportunities this provides.

We can all notice the ‘spark’ in our children and provide them with the environment they need to thrive. It is worth the effort

Here are FIVE KEYS to support your creative kids.

Make sure you read right to the end there is a gift for you too!

1.     Celebrate their MANY ideas.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Creative individuals have more ideas than they can possibly act on in one lifetime. Celebrate this attribute AND give them permission to collect ideas without taking action on every one! Provide them with tools to ‘capture’ their inspirations. Journals are great!

Key Statement – I LOVE how many ideas you have.

Great Question – Which idea is ‘speaking’ to you at the moment?

Help them trust their intuition. The ideas with the most energy are the ones to take action on.

2.     Play is the key

Give them freedom to explore their ideas through play.

While they are playing, their skills and confidence are growing. Most importantly their heart is leading the way.

Key Statement – I LOVE watching you do what you love!

Great Question – What are you discovering about yourself?

Effort and passion are an unbeatable combination. Help them notice how they are growing.

3.     Surround them with inspiration

There is a reason my daughter goes to NICA. It is inspiring just walking in the door! Even if this level of commitment is beyond your means, you can still make some magic happen.

Christmas and birthday presents to concerts, sports games or workshops are perfect gifts for creative kids. Following idols on Instagram is the 21st Century poster.

Key Statement – I LOVE that you have people that inspire you.

Great Question – What have you noticed in _______ that you could model for yourself?

What we notice in another is possible for us! Help your kids make this connection. It also reinforces mastery of any skill requires effort.

4.     Let them make mistakes, fall and fail.

On Friday night of the Cirque du Solieil Russian Bar Flyers missed a trick. It was no big deal. The orchestra played the music again, the team regrouped and this time – SUCCESS! Biggest cheer of the night.

Give your children permission to make mistakes and cheer them on when they succeed.

Key Statement – I LOVE how persistent you are.

Key Question – What did you do in similar situation that could be useful now?

Linking past successes to present challenges helps your children see that they have the resources to overcome difficulties. This is very empowering.

5.     Believe in them, even when they don’t believe in themselves.

Sometimes the BIG dream seems unattainable. Acknowledge their fears, disappointment and their frustrations. Avoid the tendency to minimize the hurt.

Creative individuals don’t stay down for long. Their passion is too strong, the next idea is coming and their ‘heart’ will see them through.

Key statement – I appreciate how much this hurts. I believe in you.

Great Question – What support do you need right now?

This question shows that you care AND gives permission to ask for support. Something so many of us struggle with. 🙂

Your Turn…

Parents would do anything for their children.  Will you give yourself the same opportunities?

Within you is a creative, joyous child with big dreams!

Live these principles in your own life and notice the difference it makes… to the children in your life and to you.