Supporting creative individuals who long to leave their mark in the world.

How would you describe yourself or your child?  Intense, emotionally sensitive, intelligent, creative, artistic, complex, unique…

You may experience the world differently to other people.  This can make you feel like an outsider. You love being unique, just not misunderstood! You care deeply about the future of the planet and humanity. The pull to leave your mark in the world is so strong, it’s impossible to ignore.

If this describes you or your child then you are in the right place.

It can be so a lonely road for gifted children and adults. You need support from people who understand your uniqueness and have the skills and desire to support you to reach your potential.

Reading this you may be thinking – Gifted Me? This is so common with the people I support.

Trust me…  If you are complex, highly intelligent, sensitive, creative and are frustrated that you haven’t made a big enough impact (yet!), then this site is for you! Understanding the nature of your intensity and the difference you are here to make is liberating!

My name is Shiona Long and I am a professional coach, teacher and trainer. I hold a Master in Education (Gifted Education) and currently work at Victoria University in the College of Arts and Education.  Throughout my career as a teacher and coach, I have helped hundreds of people to get in touch with their deepest truth and freely express it in the world.

As Elizabeth Cade Stanton says so eloquently…

“Mother Nature never repeats herself and the possibilities of one human soul, will never be found in another”

What is your unique difference that you are here to make? Let’s find out together!